Man Bar Soap

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Coastal Driftwood: 
When stranded on an island, don't be found smelling like all the fish in the Seven Seas. Coastal Driftwood with its fresh and crisp fragrance made of bright citrus, salted water and blue sage will keep you clean and rescue ready. Ahoy, matey.

Spiced Tobacco: 
You’d be hard pressed to find a scent more manly than this. It has a warm and woody fragrance that reveals a spiced tobacco accord built with orange zest, cardamom and vetiver. More manly than the Marlboro Man himself and the ideal soap bar for every man out there.

Bergamot Cognac: 
The Invigorating Bergamot & Cognac bar is rich & bold. It blends a vibrant bergamot accord with ambery sweet tonka bean nuances. And you know what that old Latin proverbs says, don’t you? Fortune favors the bold. Or some say it favors the brave. Or the strong. Even the prepared. Whatever, you know what we mean. Latin is tough to translate.

Peppered Patchoul: 
Jealousy from others may be unbecoming, but when you use our Refreshing Peppered Patchouli bar it becomes unavoidable. Zesty grapefruit and marine notes intermingle with white pepper and patchouli for an intriguing fragrance journey only the brave dare to embark on. Is “soap envy” even a thing? It is now.

Exotic Musk: 
Science tells us that scent is the sense most connected to memory. And the exotic combination of radiant citrus, dewy florals and musk found in our Revitalizing Exotic Musk & Sandalwood bar will certainly make you memorable. But, you know, in a way that allows you to maintain your mysterious persona.

Our Exfoliating Cardamon & Juniper bar was created to capture the spirit of the outdoorsy, active, tough and self-reliant. Aromatic mint and cardamom complement juniper sprigs wrapped in patchouli while the cardamom seed bits gently exfoliate the skin. A little rough around the edges, but in the best way possible. Just like you.

Silver Sage+Bergamot:
Our Deep Cleansing Silver Sage & Bergamot bar, with sparkling bergamot top notes brightening a bundle of silver sage underneath, is made to wash away whatever kind of day you had. Plus, it’s made with ethically sourced ingredients, which means we’re thinking about the environment. And let’s be honest, after a long day of work, that visit to the gym and then shooting some hoops, you should be thinking about your own environment. Trust us.

Siberian Fir:
Show your love for nature with our Siberian Fir bar, the watery floral heart is accentuated by an exhilarating fresh breeze and balanced by soft woods. It’s the perfect scent for whatever neck of the woods you’re in.
Midnight Amber:
Wherever your nighttime journey takes you, our Moisturizing Midnight Amber soap with energizing citrus balanced by a heart of fresh woods and ending on a bed of sensual amber keeps you ready for all of your late-night experiences…and the early mornings that eventually follow.